About Us


School History

Learning is an exciting life-long endeavor. At Yeshiva Primary, we are proud to continually strive to create positive educational experiences, as we have been doing since the school was established in 1969. All of our students have moved on to main stream high schools and a large majority of them have continued their education in the college of their choice.

School Philosophy

Our aim is to continue to provide a dynamic, supportive environment that recognizes the rich unique abilities and ambitions of all students and offers both the opportunity and skills to become lifetime learners, responsible citizens, and leaders of tomorrow. Our environment is one that develops self esteem and self motivation. We strive to provide every opportunity for maximum student achievement and to recognize and stimulate special talents in all students. Our educational environment and the teaching strategies are designed to meet the goals and objectives of a strong curriculum.




The goal of Yeshiva Primary is to educate all our children in supportive environment that recognizes the uniqueness of all students and offers them the opportunities and skills necessary to attain their fullest potential and to be able to attend prestigious and demanding colleges. We aim to prepare students to become responsible citizens and to take their places as productive members of the community.




Weekly classes
A variety of techniques taught
Portfolio of student work


Weekly classes
Typing skills taught
Basic computer knowledge taught
State of art equipment

Annual School-wide Science Fair

Storyboard presentations

Literature Fair

An ongoing program throughout each scholastic year