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Yeshiva Primary Documentary

Yeshiva Primary Documentary

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           The school began in 1969 in Ozone Park, Queens. The goal then and now was to take children from public schools and to provide them with a thorough grounding in Judaism as well as an outstanding secular education.  In 1982, HaRav Ovadia Yosef zt”l, visited the school.

          Throughout the years Rabbi Deutscher kept up a close relationship with the students and parents. In 1985, the school relocated to Flushing and became Yeshiva Institute.  When there was no space capacity to accept anymore students, he confided in Rabbi Wolowitz and he took the measures necessary to begin a new school to help Rabbi Deutscher. Torah Academy of Queens opened and welcomed any unaffiliated Jewish child. In 2003, Rabbi Deutscher’s school moved to its present location in Hollis Hills, Queens and was renamed Yeshiva Primary. Under the leadership of the Dean and Founder, Rabbi Deutscher, the school’s longtime beloved Principal, Mrs. Judy Klein, and the devoted staff, the yeshiva continues to offer each student an inspiring Jewish education and an outstanding secular education as well. Dr. Ann Douglas directs the language arts program which is also outstanding. The school also offers many support services through the board of education, a science program and a writing workshop program under the direction of Mrs. Susie Garber.

             On the commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the school, Assemblyman David Weprin presented a proclamation plaque to Rabbi Deutscher which said the following:

“Since its inception in 1969, under the leadership of Rabbi Deutscher, Yeshiva Primary has been a constant source of inspiration and renewal for thousands of young children and their families in Eastern Queens.  Through the progress of their mechina program, Yeshiva Primary has successfully provided a smooth transition for their public-school students to better adjust them to a yeshiva curriculum, so that they can become our future leaders. Your tireless dedication to cultural awareness, Jewish education and commitment for all children, regardless of their backgrounds and cultures, deserve our highest respect and gratitude…”

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